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  3. CO
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  6. Particulate Matter (PM)

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Rich Burn Air MEC-R9

MIRATECH’s MEC-R9 Rich Burn Air/Fuel Ratio Control is a multi-set point controller that uses a heated oxygen sensor mounted in the engine’s exhaust (upstream of the catalyst) to detect drift in the engine’s air/fuel ratio over time.  It provides operators with 9 set points across the engines operating load to ensure compliance in dynamic operating environments and to maximize emission-control efficiency.

To understand the MEC-R9, it is helpful to first consider a single set point controller. With a single set point controller, the same air/fuel set point is used regardless of engine load. This style of controller is sufficient for many applications. However, in some applications the optimum air/fuel value for one operating load may not be the optimum value for a different load.

In areas where emission limits are particularly tight, the MEC-R9 provides a means for entering multiple air/fuel targets to be matched with specific engine loads. The MEC-R9 does this by providing the user with a two dimensional table consisting of three RPM points and three manifold pressure points creating nine possible air/fuel targets.

During operation, the controller determines engine load by monitoring both manifold pressure and engine speed. Using these, the MEC-R9 interpolates an air/fuel set point from among the nearest corresponding points of the table.

As an additional option, the MEC-R9 offers the ability to run a post catalyst oxygen sensor. In many cases, a post catalyst oxygen sensor can enable the MEC-R9 to compensate for slight changes in the system over time.

Post catalyst control may be thought of as a separate controller unto itself. The post catalyst control loop adjusts the pre catalyst targets in order to richen or lean the engine as needed.

For optimum performance, MIRATECH’s MEC-R9 Rich Burn Air/Fuel Ratio Control is the right choice to use in conjunction with a 3-way catalyst.

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  • Gas Compression
  • Power Generation
  • NESHAP Regulations
  • Air Compression
  • Liquids Pumping
  • Bio-Gas