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MIRATECH is the expert in providing fully integrated, proven exhaust compliance solutions for anyone using industrial engines in a Power Generation, Gas Compression and Mechanical Drives.

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  1. Gas Compression
  2. Power Generation
  3. Rail
  4. NESHAP Regulations
  5. Industrial
  6. Air Compression
  7. Liquids Pumping
  8. Bio-Gas
  9. Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment
  10. Industrial Marine

Engine Type

  1. Bi-Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas
  2. Diesel
  3. Natural Gas Lean Burn
  4. Natural Gas Rich Burn

Noise Control

  1. Yes
  2. No

Engine Size

  1. 20 to 200 hp
  2. 200 to 1350 hp
  3. 1350 to 10,000 hp
  4. 10,000 hp and above

Regulated Pollutants

  1. NOx
  2. NO2
  3. CO
  5. HAP's
  6. Particulate Matter (PM)

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Emissions Monitor

EPA PM 2.5 study rebuked by scientific advisory panel in escalating clash over soot standards.

November 26, 2019

EPA’s preliminary findings on an air pollution standard with widespread public health implications are being bluntly rejected by most members of a key scientific advisory panel according to a November 14th Energy and Environmental News Report. The panel’s conclusions are likely to sharpen the controversy over a review criticized by detractors for turning a regulatory […]

Trump makes it official: U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

November 26, 2019

On November 4, 2019 the Trump administration notified the international community that it plans to officially withdraw from the Paris climate accord next fall, a move that will leave the world’s second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases as the only nation to abandon the global effort to combat climate change according to a November 4, 2019 […]

Nevada revises Class I and Class II air permit applications and guidance documents.

November 26, 2019

In November, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) published revised Class I and II application forms and the accompanying guidance documents according to a November Trinity Consultants report. The revised documents are available on NDEP’s website . The most significant changes to the application forms include the following. Additional items are requested on the cover […]

Since 2016 PM 2.5 air pollution has worsened. Study data show more people are dying.

October 30, 2019

Overall, concentrations of PM 2.5 have risen about 5.5 percent since 2016. Air pollution worsened in the United States in 2017 and 2018, new data shows, a reversal after years of sustained improvement with significant implications for public health according to an October 23, 2019 Washington Post report citing researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. In […]

Black carbon pollution reaches placenta during pregnancy: study

September 24, 2019

Air pollution has the potential to travel from a pregnant woman’s lungs to the fetal side of the placenta, according to a new study reported September 17, 2019 in The Hill. Researchers at Hasselt University in Belgium in a study reported in Nature Communications found sootlike black carbon, a type of fine particle pollutant, on […]

Germany unveils $60 billion climate policy package.

September 24, 2019

On September 20, 2019 German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government agreed to support a $60 billion package of climate policies aimed at getting Germany on track to meet its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 according to a New York Times report. The proposed measures — which include a scheme to charge industrial polluters […]

Ozone pollution may be as harmful to your lungs as smoking cigarettes, study finds.

August 29, 2019

Emphysema is considered a smoker’s disease. But it turns out, exposure to air pollution may lead to the same changes in the lung that give rise to emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) according to an August 13, 2019 report from NPR. A new study published August 13th in The Journal of the American […]

What may be required of facilities and engines in Colorado’s serious ozone non-attainment areas?

August 29, 2019

An August 24, 2019 Trinity Consultants report offers insight into what controls may be required of Colorado facility and engine owners within EPA’s serious non-attainment area. What’s About to Happen? Among the various impacts from the new classification are lower emission thresholds for permitting requirements for new or modified sources, and more stringent controls for […]

Trump EPA plans to end methane curbs that oil companies want to keep.

August 29, 2019

The Trump administration is readying a plan to end direct federal regulation of methane leaks from oil and gas facilities, even as some energy companies insist they don’t want the relief according to an August 14, 2019 Bloomberg report. A draft proposal from the Environmental Protection Agency would prevent the federal government from directly targeting […]