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MIRATECH is the expert in providing fully integrated, proven exhaust compliance solutions for anyone using industrial engines in a Power Generation, Gas Compression and Mechanical Drives.

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  1. Gas Compression
  2. Power Generation
  3. Rail
  4. NESHAP Regulations
  5. Industrial
  6. Air Compression
  7. Liquids Pumping
  8. Bio-Gas
  9. Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment
  10. Industrial Marine

Engine Type

  1. Bi-Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas
  2. Diesel
  3. Natural Gas Lean Burn
  4. Natural Gas Rich Burn

Noise Control

  1. Yes
  2. No

Engine Size

  1. 20 to 200 hp
  2. 200 to 1350 hp
  3. 1350 to 10,000 hp
  4. 10,000 hp and above

Regulated Pollutants

  1. NOx
  2. NO2
  3. CO
  5. HAP's
  6. Particulate Matter (PM)

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Emissions Monitor

MIRATECH Completes Latest Webinar on Fundamentals of Industrial Acoustics & Silencing Solutions

June 9, 2021

MIRATECH Corporation successfully completed its latest free global webinar series on the Fundamentals of Industrial Acoustics & Silencing Solutions. Lasting 45 minutes, the webinar was open to industry professionals and customers on Tuesday, June 8 via GoToWebinar, drawing a large virtual audience of more than 130 people, MIRATECH’s largest webinar this year. Attendees learned about […]

Air Pollution Trends Continue to Link Clean Air and Strong Economy

June 8, 2021

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its annual interactive report tracking America’s progress in controlling air pollution since the passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970, announced by the EPA on May 26. “Our Nation’s Air: Trends Through 2020” documents the work EPA and its state, Tribal, community, and industry partners have done […]

New Remote Monitoring Service, MIRATECH Remote, Broadens MIRATECH’s Portfolio Offering as Total Solutions Provider

May 10, 2021

Tulsa, Oklahoma – May 4, 2021 – MIRATECH Corporation recently completed the launch of its newest portfolio addition, MIRATECH Remote monitoring service, now available to all USA-based customers. The platform provides continuous equipment monitoring via a web-based portal tracking the status and performance of customers’ emission control systems (SCR, SCR/DPF, SCR/OXI, etc.). “In today’s rapidly […]

Biden Plans to Cut Emissions at Least in Half by 2030

May 9, 2021

President Biden pledged to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emissions at least in half by the end of the decade, according to a April 20, 2021 report from The Washington Post, as part of an aggressive push to combat climate change at home and persuade other major economies around the world to follow suit. The move […]

ExxonMobil’s Climate Pitch: A $100 Billion Carbon-Capture Project

May 8, 2021

ExxonMobil says it can help turn President Joe Biden’s climate agenda into reality – if Washington will kick in tax breaks and other assistance for a $100 billion carbon-capture project near Houston, according to an April 19, 2021 report from Politico. By 2030, the project’s initial phase would capture 50 million tons of carbon dioxide […]

Senate Reinstates Obama-Era Controls on Climate-Warming Methane

May 7, 2021

The Senate voted on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 to effectively reinstate an Obama-era regulation designed to clamp down on emissions of methane, a powerful, climate-warming pollutant that will have to be controlled to meet President Biden’s ambitious climate change promises, according to the New York Times. Taking a page from congressional Republicans who in 2017 […]

New Research Finds Quick Action on Methane could Significantly Cut into Global Warming

May 5, 2021

Swift action to cut methane emissions could reduce the planet’s near-term warming by as much as 30 percent, according to a new study released on April 27, 2021 that appeared in The Hill. The study, published in Environmental Research Letters, found that it’s possible to cut methane emissions from human activities in half by 2030. It said […]

MIRATECH Launches Latest Webinar on Tier 4 Compliance – Technical Emissions Solutions for Diesel Engines

April 8, 2021

MIRATECH Corporation successfully launched its latest free global webinar series topic on Tier 4 Compliance – Technical Emissions Solutions for Diesel Engines. Lasting 45 minutes, the webinar was open to industry professionals and customers on Wednesday, April 7 via GoToWebinar, drawing a large virtual audience of more than 100 people. Attendees learned about the many […]

Oil and gas recovering after dark 2020, but it will take time

April 7, 2021

At the onset of 2020, Oklahoma state officials and oil and gas company leaders were cautiously optimistic about the coming year for the industry, according to a March 14, 2021 Tulsa World report. Then the pandemic hit. But since then, prices have steadily risen to more than $60 per barrel. The recovery, however, has just […]

California’s SCAQMD proposed warehouse indirect source review for NOx and PM10 reductions

April 6, 2021

California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) will be holding a public hearing for the adoption of Rule 2305, Warehouse Indirect Source Review (ISR) according to a March 23, 2021 Trinity Consultants report. Rule 2305 aims at reducing NOX and PM10 emissions associated with warehouses and mobile sources attracted to warehouses greater than 100,000 […]