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MIRATECH is the expert in providing fully integrated, proven exhaust compliance solutions for anyone using industrial engines in a Power Generation, Gas Compression and Mechanical Drives.

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  1. Gas Compression
  2. Power Generation
  3. Rail
  4. NESHAP Regulations
  5. Industrial
  6. Air Compression
  7. Liquids Pumping
  8. Bio-Gas
  9. Greenhouse CO2 Enrichment
  10. Industrial Marine

Engine Type

  1. Bi-Fuel Diesel and Natural Gas
  2. Diesel
  3. Natural Gas Lean Burn
  4. Natural Gas Rich Burn

Noise Control

  1. Yes
  2. No

Engine Size

  1. 20 to 200 hp
  2. 200 to 1350 hp
  3. 1350 to 10,000 hp
  4. 10,000 hp and above

Regulated Pollutants

  1. NOx
  2. NO2
  3. CO
  5. HAP's
  6. Particulate Matter (PM)

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Emissions Monitor

MIRATECH Continues Global Webinar Series with Data Center Emission Trends & Tier V Presentation

January 11, 2021

Tulsa, Oklahoma – January 6, 2021 – MIRATECH Corporation successfully continued its free global webinar series with its second installment: Data Center Emission Trends & Tier V. The webinar was open to industry professionals and customers on Tuesday, Dec. 15 via GoToWebinar, and it drew a large virtual audience from throughout the world. Attendees learned […]

President-Elect Biden introduces his Climate Team

January 10, 2021

The president-elect said he has chosen a team that prioritizes making clean energy jobs and environmental protection a cornerstone of his economic plans. President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. introduced key members of his climate change team on December 19th declaring that his administration will connect the effort to reduce planet-warming emissions with restoring the economy […]

EPA finalizes NAAQS for particulate matter. US standards are more stringent compared to other jurisdictions

January 9, 2021

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on December 7th its final decision to retain the existing National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for particulate matter (PM) set in 2015 by the Obama administration according to a December 8, 2020 DieselNet report. These NAAQS standards for particulate matter include: Primary (health) standards for fine particles […]

In landmark ruling, air pollution recorded as cause of death for British girl

January 8, 2021

A 9-year-old girl who suffered a fatal asthma attack in 2013 became the first person in Britain to officially have air pollution listed as a cause of death, a British official said according to a December 16, 2020 New York Times report. The landmark ruling puts a face and a name on one of the […]

Biden’s EPA pick, Michael S. Regan, faces ‘Massive reconstruction and rebuilding’

January 7, 2021

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has selected Michael S. Regan, North Carolina’s top environmental regulator, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Biden’s transition team announced December 17, 2020 according to a New York Times report. The decision elevates for the first time a Black man to lead the powerful department, which is central to […]

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Maricopa County Air Quality Department Rule 324 affecting stationary reciprocating IC engines (RICE)

January 6, 2021

The Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) is proposing to amend Rule 324 (Stationary Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE)). On January, 2019, the MCAQD submitted a Letter of Commitment for Conditional Approval which was followed with a supplemental commitment letter to address additional rule approvability comments that MCAQD received according to a December 16, 2020 […]

Trump EPA finalizes 70 ppm ozone standards. Environmental, health groups seeking lower limits could challenge EPA move in courts

January 5, 2021

The Trump administration on December 23rd finalized a 5-year-old air quality standard for ozone pollution despite calls by environmental groups to toughen the rule because people harmed by air pollution are more vulnerable to COVID-19 according to a Reuters News report. The Environmental Protection Agency, which retained the 2015 standards in the final month of […]

EPA finalizes cost-benefit rule that could hinder Biden climate actions

January 3, 2021

On December 9, 2020 EPA announced it had finalized its “Benefit-Cost Analyses Procedures,” a major rule on environmental analysis pushed out in the twilight of President Trump’s term and a move that could bolster legal challenges to climate rules ushered in by the incoming Biden administration according to a December 15, E&E News Report. EPA’s  […]

CARB approves new approach to measuring stationary source emissions to aid local air pollution inventory efforts

January 2, 2021

“The new toxics emissions inventory will increase the number of reportable emission-producing chemicals from approximately 450 to more than 1,300, over a phase-in period.” The California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced on November 24th 2020 it has approved significant changes to the requirements for reporting emissions from stationary sources to help communities assess air pollution […]