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Engine Room Too Small? Consider A Disk Or “Hockey Puck” Exhaust Silencer

September 1, 2014

When specifying equipment such as emergency generators, electrical switchgear and fuel supply systems, the equipment footprint is always important. But, what about overhead space for things like the engine’s exhaust system? What are the options when the room’s height appears insufficient?HockeyPuck

When faced with a height limitation, the immediate reaction might be to place some of the exhaust system components on the exterior of the building, perhaps attaching the silencer vertically to an exterior wall, or installing it horizontally on a rooftop. But there are alternatives according to an article from On-Site Power Advisor.

The preferred installation for an exhaust silencer is inside the building. There it can be protected from the weather and kept out of sight when building aesthetics are important. If your project would benefit from the exhaust system being indoors, it may be time to consider a disk or “hockey puck” silencer.

Quiet, cool and low profile
While a hockey puck silencer is designed to provide the required exhaust noise attenuation, just like any other silencer, the key difference is in the design of the silencer body. Contrary to the conventional cylindrical silencer, the hockey puck silencer has a round, disk-like profile. Not only can it save substantial vertical space in the engine room, but it can also be designed to include internal insulation to aid in its thermal and acoustical performance.

Consider this example: where a typical 16″ cylindrical silencer might consume an overall installed height of 45″ (when installed horizontally above the engine), a comparable hockey puck design can take as little as 24″. The hockey puck option may give you the ability to contain most of the exhaust components within the engine room, with minimal piping extending to the building’s exterior. The benefits can include longer equipment life, better aesthetics, lower installation costs, and easier permitting.

What this means to you
If faced with an enclosed area height limitation when installing an emergency generator, a disk or hockey puck style silencer may provide an alternative to placing some exhaust components on the building’s exterior.

MIRATECH can help
Contact MIRATECH to learn more about EM series disk silencers specifically designed for use in enclosures, trailers, marine, and other size restricted areas.