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MIRATECH Provides Diesel Particulate Filters

March 28, 2014

MIRATECH offers passive diesel particulate filter (DPF) solutions (within its extensive product line) to remove particulate matter (PM) from diesel engines. As a design principle, MIRATECH applies technology to meet your application and operating requirements while packaging the system for minimal space need and long service intervals.

HOW IT WORKSDPF-Modular-Unit-03

MIRATECH’s passive DPF technology uses porous, wall-flow filters field-proven to be thermally and mechanically durable in engine operation. The filters are assembled in modular arrays within our CBS (CARB Verified Level 3 Plus) and LTR housing lines.

These modular DPF filters are stackable to tailor particulate matter reduction capacity to an engine’s specific needs. MIRATECH’s filter construction also affords much greater soot trapping and “storage” capacity than other filters while staying within the back pressure limits of the engine.  Filter regeneration temperatures are low for low load regeneration.

Coated with a sulfur-resistant catalyst to reduce the temperature required for particulate oxidation, MIRATECH’s DPF filters allow “passive regeneration” or PM burn-off using engine exhaust heat. The LTR has also been optimized for Low Temperature Regeneration capability, regenerating at a temperature as low as 525°F/274°C.


  • The CBS is a CARB Verified Level 3 Plus PM Solution for Diesel Engine gensets and pumps
  • The LTR system can go on Tier 1, 2, or 3 engines with certified PM emissions that are less than 0.3 g/bkW-hr
  • Compliance Assured: PM10 or PM2.5 Reduction
  • Reduces Smoke & Odor
  • With the LTR system, most engines will be able to regenerate the DPF elements at engine load above 30% using properly insulated exhaust ducts
  • No Required NO/NO2 or NOx/PM Ratios
  • Easy Installation, Operation & Maintenance
  • Long Maintenance Intervals
  • Sound Attenuation Comparable to Most Existing Silencers/Mufflers
  • Custom-Engineered Sound Attenuation Solutions Available

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