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Heat Recovery


Why Recover Exhaust Energy?

A typical reciprocating engine is roughly 30% efficient, meaning 30% the fuel energy input goes to generate shaft horsepower. The rest of the energy is given up as heat, with typically 30% lost to the exhaust, 30% to jacket water cooling of the engine, and 10% to radiation and other losses.

Today’s Cogeneration or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems recover much of the energy in the exhaust and jacket water to use for heating, cooling, domestic hot water, or other process uses. As a result the overall efficiency of the system can exceed 80%.

MIRATECH’s Vaporphase Heat Recovery Silencers recover jacket water and exhaust heat to make hot water, or utilize the exhaust heat to make steam, increasing your system’s efficiency.

All Vaporphase Heat Recovery Silencers are constructed to the applicable ASME code (Section I, IV, or VIII) for the application.

Vaporphase Heat Recovery Silencer Features

Bare Fire Tube design is similar to standard fired boiler design. This makes the units easy to service and maintain by qualified boiler shops. Vaporphase units are cleanable with a flue brush or water wash.

Low exhaust side pressure drop simplifies integration with the rest of the exhaust system. Removable end covers provide easy access for tube cleaning/inspection.

Low water side pressure drop. Hot water units are designed for the full engine jacket water flow.

Two pass design puts the exhaust connections at the same end of the unit, simplifying piping layout.

Hot water units are ASME Section IV constructed to 100 psig. Steam units are constructed to ASME Section I ,Section IV, or Section VIII, and are available for 20, 50, 150, or 250 psig design pressures.

Steam units have integral steam separation space, eliminating the need for an external steam separator.

Optional internal bypass, or external bypass ‘T’, with either manual or automatic actuators. Automatic bypass can trim heat recovery during periods of low demand. Automatic versions are available with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Optional 2” blanket insulation with aluminum jacket. Other insulation thicknesses available.

Available in horizontal or vertical configurations. Horizontal units are supplied with mounting saddles. Vertical units are supplied with support legs.


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